Why It Happened

In 1976 three men kidnapped a bus full of children (26) along with the bus driver. After driving around for more than 11 hours they kids and the driver were forced into a tracker trailer van and buried underground. Eventually the bus driver and some of the older boys managed climb up through a metal lid lid in the ceiling (held down with hundreds of pounds of batteries. Sixteen hours later the driver and all the children emerged from the van, but they never managed to leave the incident behind them.

If you look in wikipedia for “1976 Chowchilla kidnapping” you can find some of the details of this unfortunate incident. However, you won’t find reference to the study outlined in this blog. Continue reading

Heed the Calling

An internet friend sent the following question:

“For some time now, I have been feeling something lacking or missing inside me. My heart wants something to do but don’t know what it is.  I tried busying myself in my job or in seeing movies or in reading spiritual books, etc. But it is not working.  My innermost wants something to discover but also doesn’t know what. I feel the potential inside me is wasting.  I don’t know how to find it or discover it.”

When we incarnate on this planet we have an agenda. This agenda is our agenda. Not the agenda of the body, not the agenda of society, not the agenda of the species. This agenda belongs to our innermost self. Continue reading

Things We Do

Being in a machine that is depressed is an undeniable bummer.

It can make it hard to work, hard to play, hard to do anything.

If one has a sunburn we know what to do… and we do it. We don’t get all weird thinking the therapy is too silly to follow through on. No, we apply the lotion, stay out of the sun, drink extra fluids — in general follow all of the tried and true methods for helping the situation — while it somehow fixes it self.

The things we do don’t necessarily “fix” the situation. But they may help while it goes about getting fixed — or in some cases just falling off the radar. Continue reading

Most Important Exercise

Recently a friend asked the following: “what do you think is the singular most important exercise/practice of all those you’ve worked with over the years?”

The answer to this not a simple one. Well, maybe it is simple, but definitely not easy to explain. But, I’ll give it a go.

First I will answer in the broad sense.

The single most important practice for me has been “The Way of Service.” So that is the simple part. But what exactly is “The Way of Service” — that is the not so easy to explain part. Continue reading

Computer Rescue Squad

What was the Computer Rescue Squad? And, if we were starting today what would it be like?

Computer Rescue Squad started in the very early 1980’s. Personal computers were brand new. The idea of having a computer and using it for business was a new concept. All of a sudden you had to have a computer. But, no one knew how to use them.

So the Computer Rescue Squad was formed with the business model of solving people’s computer problems. Rescuing them from the glorious pitfalls and conundrums the new technology has introduced. This included printer setup, writing device drivers to connect peripherals, training, retrieval of deleted data, creation of custom programs and hardware repair. Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Adventures

Recently the following questions asked through facebook:

  • Is the point ultimately to make a living from one of these entrepreneurship adventures?
  • How many people have actually done this?
  • Why did you choose to go into website building instead of making a living from one of the adventures.?

I’ll do what I can to give my perspective on these questions. And, fyi, I’m answering the questions here because of a suspicion that others may have some or all of the same questions. Continue reading

The Cost of Social Media

Every like, share, review and/or post comes with a price — incrementally this price is not large; but, collectively significant.

What is the price? Exposure of yourself. Exposure in ways that we don’t understand and can’t anticipate. Exposure to the collective maws (see below) of corporate titans that use our history and our lives as a commodity to be sold down the stream to those who would convert us into media dominated zombies — i.e. good consumers.

If I am going to pay this price, I want to do it on behalf of something that matters to me. For me, I do it as part of the way of service.

Def: maw noun the jaws or throat of a voracious animal.


A Little About The Orb HUD

For those of you that happen to be reading this blog and have yet to experience the Urthgame Orbs, head on over to Urthgame.com and check out the Orbs. Or, if you’d prefer to check out a few Orb vids on Youtube that’s an option too.
First of all HUD is short for Heads Up Display. For most of us we encounter HUDs in gaming. The HUD will show things like how much life your character has, how your armor is doing. Maybe, the HUD will indicate your current selected tool/weapon, how much ammo you have, are you taking damage. And, in some games the HUD will even indicate the map direction you are going, etc. Basically it is a compendium of useful information that you might need to navigate the video game.

In the case of Urthgame Orbs, the HUD has additional functions that can be much more important than just showing you a snapshot of your current stats situation.

Once you have developed some facility at splitting your attention between the Orb environment and the HUD, you will be able to navigate the Orb and at the same time have a portion of your attention on the HUD.

This means that when you open a chest, or touch an object, or accomplish a specific goal you can observe and hopefully notice the effect that this has on the attributes in the HUD. This allows you to create a secondary overlay map of the Orb.

In addition to a “map” that contains information such as where the doors and rooms and hallways are, you can create a map that designates active elements. For example, over here is a table that when I encounter it will give me a textual read out and increase my “Luck”.

As you run the Orb with this split attention a new dimension (or dimensions) will reveal itself. You will see certain areas and events that appear to be the same from run to run and from person to person. You will see other areas and events that change depending upon the run and depending upon the person you are running for. And, sometimes you will notice an area or event that you thought was constant suddenly give you a different reading on the HUD.

All of this comes from being able to notice real time the change in the HUD in addition to being able to read the cumulative attribute levels.

I hope this gives you a useful perspective.

About Science Fiction Radio Theater

This is a Guest Blog from Marvette.

Science Fiction Radio Theater Workshop (SFRTW). One of the primary aims for this workshop is as tool for our upgrade in consciousness. From here we look at our tool belt and the skills needed. Attention is a pillar in the foundation of our efforts. The Power of Attention, T0TM 042 from 1986, online at http://www.talkofthemonth.com/totm/totm042.html is the source of the focus today. On this talkofthemonth.com page is a brief summary of the entire talk. Our focus is an excerpt. Continue reading