Easy Roller Copper Dice

Bot-Life Roll Playing Safari is getting close to release. This game is looking better and better. If you haven’t seen the Thursday with Xxaxx broadcasts you are probably in the dark about this project. I’ll get into that in another blog post. I want to take a short break from that in order to introduce a truly fine set of multi-side dice.

When playing Bot-Life or any other RPG based game you will need multi-sided dice.

What are multi-sided dice?

Multi-sided dice are dice with a variety of different numbers of sides. The dice we are most familiar with from standard board games have 6 sides. That is not because this is the best die to use, this is because 6-sided dice are the easiest to manufacture.

In a proper set of multi-sided dice you will find:

  • 4-sided (digits 1-4)
  • 6-sided (digits 1-6)
  • 8-sided (digits 1-8)
  • 10-sided (digits 0-9)
  • 10-sided (digits 00, 10, 20, 30, … 90)
  • 12-sided (digits 1-12)
  • 20-sided (digits 1-20)

Why Copper Dice?

metal-copper-diceRecently I’ve stumbled across a super fantastic set of dice from Easy Roller Company. What makes this particular set so super fantastic? They are made from copper. That’s right solid copper. You can find a link to the dice here: Legendary Copper Metal Dice Set.

Solid and weighty in the hand… when you roll with these dice you can feel the process. A word to the wise: Don’t use your antique finely polished oak table top for rolling. These dice will leave a mark. But then again so will the light-weight plastic dice.

With copper dice you will have dice that are sure to be true. But, what about the gun metal dice and other metal dice sets that Easy Roller has to offer? For me the copper dice feel magically correct. I like the look of the other metal sets — you even have a choice of digit color — but, as mentioned, the copper feels right.

By the way…

I recommend that when you buy the Legendary Copper Dice for yourself you pick up a set or two of the standard multi-sided dice so that you have dice to lend and use for standard game play. If you’re like me, you will want to keep the copper dice for special occasions. And you probably will be less than enthused to loan them out to other players.



10 Preguntas que has de hacerte al crear un hábito

1. ¿Qué es lo que deseas hacer?

Establece la intención. Sé muy claro sobre lo que quieres hacer. Si es meditar, entonces te dices a ti mismo «quiero meditar».

2. ¿Cuánto tiempo, Cuántas veces, Cuán lejos, Cómo???

¿Cuánto tiempo, cuántas veces, cuán lejos, cuán amplio, cuán intenso— cualquier parámetro que tenga sentido—? Quizás algo en la línea de «quiero meditar durante 20 minutos» o «quiero correr 5 kilómetros».

3. ¿Con qué te estás comprometiendo?

Escribe una descripción de eso que estás intentando hacer.

Puede parecer tan sencillo y claro que no puedes imaginarte cómo es que escribir una descripción ayudaría en algo. Bien, entonces debería ser fácil escribirla. Tanto si te parece obvio como si no, escribe una breve descripción. Esto ayudará en el proceso. Continue reading

3 Secretos para hacerlo un hábito

He aquí tres sencillos secretos para hacer del Entrenamiento en los Bardos un hábito– un hábito que esté sustentado por tu estilo de vida actual.

Empieza por lo pequeño

Es más fácil encajar en tu horario un hábito que sea pequeño, y mucho más fácil hacer que se instaure. Lisa y llanamente ¡es rápido! Esa es la razón por la que empiezas con un simple ejercicio de Entrenamiento en los Bardos que te lleva 10-20 minutos de tu día. Continue reading

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Habit

1. What is it that you wish to do?

Set the Intention. Get very clear about what you want to do. If it is to meditate. Then tell yourself “I want to mediate.”

2. How long, how much, how far, how ???

How long, how much, how far, how wide, how loud — whatever parameters make sense? Perhaps something along the lines of “I want to mediate for 20 minutes.” Or, “I want to run 3 miles.”

3. What is this thing you are committing to?

Write down a description of this thing you are intending to do.

It may seem so simple and straightforward that you can’t imagine how writing down a description would help. Good, then it should be easy to write down. Whether it seems obvious to you are not, write down a short description. This will help in the process. Continue reading

3 Secrets to Making It A Habit

Here’s 3 simple secrets to making Bardo Training into a habit — a habit that is supported by your current lifestyle.

Start Small

A tiny habit is easier to squeeze into your schedule and much easier to stick to — plain and simple it is fast! That’s why you start with a simple Bardo Training exercise takes just 10-20 minutes of your day. Continue reading

Marathon Not A Sprint

Marathons and sprints are entirely different types of events. A runner will approach each of these events in a totally different way. A sprint requires a large, fast, but short duration expenditure of effort. A marathon is a much longer race requiring a consistent effort over a longer period of time.

Both events require will. But, a slightly different type of will in each case. Continue reading