PLS App — Dev Goes On

The first functional preview of the Parallel Life Survey is posted. You can find it at the Akashic Library:

It is running. Soon we will have it working better and better.

The next step in the process is to add more chapters. I thought perhaps we could add 7 more chapters bringing us to 10 total. So if you have already sent in 3 chapters, please send in 7 more. And, if you have not sent in any chapters as yet you can still participate by sending in 10 chapters. Continue reading

Develop Apps For Others That Need Them

There is another formula that will generate cash for the app developer: “Develop Apps For Others That Are Willing To Pay.” Problem with this formula, is that getting involved with a dreamer (the guy that is totally convinced his app will make millions) has karmic consequences.  Yes, he’s a grown up. Yes, if you don’t take his money someone else will. But, do you want the karma? Continue reading

Wake Up Call For App Developers

Wake up. The toast doesn’t have to burn, you can get it while it is golden brown.

Apple and Google boasts that their app stores offer zillions of apps for users to select from.

Who does this benefit? It benefits Apple and Google (and whoever else is in the distribution game that I’ve neglected to mention.)

You might think it benefits the users. Yes and no. Yes, there are many apps to choose from. That is good. But, that also means tons of garbage in addition to the cherries. If somehow the market filtered out the dogs, then users would have less garbage to sift through. But, at the moment, having a zillion apps is to the advantage of Google and Apple. Later when they see sales suffer because of decreased customer inclination to purchase brought about as a result of purchase regret, then Google (for sure) will institute some kind of “app rank” that will eliminate (or push to the bottom of the list) all the dogs.

And what about developers? Continue reading

App Success Is a Lottery

It is no secret that success in the various app stores is pretty much a lottery. While there are many things that you can do to guarantee failure, there isn’t much you can do to guarantee success. In fact, a recent survey by suggests that 60% of developers don’t even break even (meeting development costs). And, horror of horrors, 80% of the app developers did not make enough money to support a standalone business.

Personally, I think these numbers are pretty damn good. That means 40% of all app developers surveyed broke even (or better). And, 20% of app developers surveyed made enough money to support a standalone business. In the world of brick n’ mortar, in the world of storefront business start ups how many succeed? By comparison these numbers are pretty good. And, if you stand around a room of competitors and don’t believer you are in the top 20% of those present, you don’t belong in business. “Damn right, I’m better at what I do than four out of five of these other schmucks.” Is this a proper attitude? It is gracious to think this way? No. However, if you take the time to ask the winners in the room, they will confess (if they are being honest) that they do believe they have a definite competitive edge. Continue reading