Each sculpture may be a communication

Each sculpture may be a communication.

That communication may be from you to another, you to yourself, another to you, or another to another, or any combination or all of the above.

The language of sculpture is rich with possibility.

Look, it’s real simple. When you are making a sculpture it does not matter whether you choose to work in abstract, post modern, or realism. As long as you are true to the materials and to the essence of the sculpture you can’t go wrong.

Admittedly some forms have different requirements of the materials. Let’s face it, if you are aiming to create a bust of “Joan of Arc” then working with bricks, sponge and wire mesh is not the way to go – unless you intend to create a rather large abstracted piece.

Embrace — The Sculpture

EmbraceHey, just showing an artist friend how easy it can be to post a picture of their new artworks. In this case, my sculpture Embrace (see above) is not actually new. You can see many images at different angles by checking out my other website Imag3.com

Well, that’s it for the little demo. Hope you visit my art website.