10 Preguntas que has de hacerte al crear un hábito

1. ¿Qué es lo que deseas hacer?

Establece la intención. Sé muy claro sobre lo que quieres hacer. Si es meditar, entonces te dices a ti mismo «quiero meditar».

2. ¿Cuánto tiempo, Cuántas veces, Cuán lejos, Cómo???

¿Cuánto tiempo, cuántas veces, cuán lejos, cuán amplio, cuán intenso— cualquier parámetro que tenga sentido—? Quizás algo en la línea de «quiero meditar durante 20 minutos» o «quiero correr 5 kilómetros».

3. ¿Con qué te estás comprometiendo?

Escribe una descripción de eso que estás intentando hacer.

Puede parecer tan sencillo y claro que no puedes imaginarte cómo es que escribir una descripción ayudaría en algo. Bien, entonces debería ser fácil escribirla. Tanto si te parece obvio como si no, escribe una breve descripción. Esto ayudará en el proceso. Continue reading

3 Secretos para hacerlo un hábito

He aquí tres sencillos secretos para hacer del Entrenamiento en los Bardos un hábito– un hábito que esté sustentado por tu estilo de vida actual.

Empieza por lo pequeño

Es más fácil encajar en tu horario un hábito que sea pequeño, y mucho más fácil hacer que se instaure. Lisa y llanamente ¡es rápido! Esa es la razón por la que empiezas con un simple ejercicio de Entrenamiento en los Bardos que te lleva 10-20 minutos de tu día. Continue reading

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Habit

1. What is it that you wish to do?

Set the Intention. Get very clear about what you want to do. If it is to meditate. Then tell yourself “I want to mediate.”

2. How long, how much, how far, how ???

How long, how much, how far, how wide, how loud — whatever parameters make sense? Perhaps something along the lines of “I want to mediate for 20 minutes.” Or, “I want to run 3 miles.”

3. What is this thing you are committing to?

Write down a description of this thing you are intending to do.

It may seem so simple and straightforward that you can’t imagine how writing down a description would help. Good, then it should be easy to write down. Whether it seems obvious to you are not, write down a short description. This will help in the process. Continue reading

Marathon Not A Sprint

Marathons and sprints are entirely different types of events. A runner will approach each of these events in a totally different way. A sprint requires a large, fast, but short duration expenditure of effort. A marathon is a much longer race requiring a consistent effort over a longer period of time.

Both events require will. But, a slightly different type of will in each case. Continue reading

List of possible uses for Triads

A group of folks at the “Thursday with Xxaxx” generated a list of possible uses for the Triads. Or, perhaps we could call this a list of “I hope it works for ______” list. See bottom of this blog for the full list.

Here are the top selections based on popular selection by those attending:

Top 30 Hoped For Uses of a Triad

  1. Invocation of presence
  2. Gathering parallel word skills and abilities
  3. Enhancing creative inspiration (such as for art, poetry writing, music)
  4. Blessing in general
  5. Balancing the chi in your body
  6. Welcoming intuition
  7. Strengthen the essential self
  8. Seeing people, places, or situations clearly
  9. Replacing addictive patterns
  10. Help bring higher bodies into being
  11. Enhance healing
  12. Directing energy
  13. Dehypnotize oneself
  14. Connecting with Angelic entities
  15. Cleansing a space
  16. Assisting the reading of artifacts
  17. Wisdom
  18. The “I wish I hadn’t done that” series of possible uses
  19. Stop rumination
  20. Revitalize chakras
  21. Locating portals
  22. Inspiration in art, poetry and writing
  23. Increase perseverance,
  24. Get more restful sleep
  25. Generate prosperity
  26. Enhance skills & talents,
  27. Enhance concentration focus
  28. Developing telepathy
  29. Connect with parallel and past lives
  30. Cleaning negative energy


As promised the full list

Accommodate jet lag
activating potentialities
Anchor useful states for easy recall
Articulating emotions
As a meditation aid
assist astral travel
assist remote viewing
Assisting the reading of artifacts
assisting with working the gold claim
Balancing the chi in your body
Better contact in resonance
Better focus while reading
Blessing in general
Blessing the food
Calm the mind
Charging water and food
Cleaning a relationship
Cleaning negative energy
cleansing a space of stale or negative energy
Cleansing space
Cleansing the space of stale or negative energy
Clear light readings
Connect with other beings
Connect with parallel present and past lives
Connecting with Angelic entities
Connecting with others
Cure insomnia
Deal with post partum blues
decreasing susceptibility to negative unseen influences
Define 8 points to identify a space.
Dehypnotize oneself
Detect watchers or connections
Developing telepathy
Directing energy
Energizing the reading
Enforce an abundance mindset
enhance attention for orb running
enhance black white grey discernment
enhance concentration, focus
enhance contact for orb running
enhance efficiency
Enhance flavor of food
enhance flow of orb attributes into this life frame
enhance healing
enhance lucid dreaming
Enhance properties of the ingredients
enhance resonance
enhance skills and talents
enhance telepathic contact
Enhance the soil
enhancing beacon work
enhancing creative inspiration (such as for art, poetry writing, music)
enhancing group awareness (such as for band practice or POG work)
enhancing PUP contact
entering portals
Establishing contact
Feng shui in buildings
Finding lost objects
For finding your soul mate
Gathering parallel world skills, abilities
Generate prosperity
Get energized
Get more restful sleep
Getting rid of this friggin headache
Growing healthy plants
Harnessing hate and anger
Heal the soil
Help bring higher bodies into being
Help learn a language
help relax (to enjoy the voyage)
Help while tripping in psychedelic spaces
imbuing artifacts
Improve acting skills
Improve sleeping
Improved memory
Improving and enhancing moods
increase attention
Increase decrease chi
Increase discipline
increase generosity
increase openness
increase or decrease the chi in part of the body
increase our necessity for new organs to come into being
increase perseverance
increase presence
increase scope of vision
Increase sensitivity
Increased attention while running orb
Increased contact while running orbs
Increasing motivation
increasing the fertility or chi of a garden, house, or building (Feng Shui)
Inspiration in art, poetry and writing
Invocation of presence
Literally seeing through into another dimension.
Locating portals
lowering expectations
Lowering expectations
Make a connection
Manage fear of flying
Manage the weather
More effective orb run
Neutralize negative thoughts
opening access to crystalline intelligences
Opening portals
Overcoming  a writer’s block
Pay more attention
Plant growth improvement
Prepare you to perform
Prevent disease
Prevent miscarriage
Prevent people from stealing yogurt from the teachers lounge.
Psychic self defense
Recharging or enhancing amulets
Reduce anxiety
Reduce appetite
Reduce pain
Reduce performance anxiety
Remote viewing
Removal of curses
repairing DNA
Replacing addictive patterns
Reset sleep cycle
Resolving emotions
Revitalize chakras
Scanning the body for tension.
Seal the cube of space
Searching for gold on a claim
seeing people, places, or situations clearly
seeing who’s watching me (those who are not invited here)
Sign, seal, and deliver.
Soul retrieval
Space travel
Sport performance
Stop panic attacks
Stop rumination
Strengthening the essential self
Synchronize mind/body rhythms
Testing ones own ideas for validity
The “I wish I hadn’t done that” series of possible uses.
To stop giving a fuck about unimportant things
Training for war
Trigger focus
Use the dark side of the force
Viewing artifacts
Welcoming intuition
Witness and remember dreams

Cognitive Mindful Meditation


In a recent online workshop as part of a larger topic, E.J. Gold mentioned that there are many different types of meditation. This should not have come as a surprise. When presented with the notion, it is obviously true. Of course there are many different types of meditation. Thing is, until this invisible elephant is brought to light it is all too easy to fall into the trap of treating all meditation as the same.

Well, of course they are not.

Different meditation forms can have different methods – obvious enough.

And, different meditation forms can have different goals and results – hmmm, now this is interesting to mull over once or twice.

Contrary to what this foreword may be suggesting, this article is not about the variety of meditation types. Nor is it about different possible goals and results.

I just thought it would be useful for the reader to be notified that not all meditation is the same and that, in fact, different forms of meditation can have quite different goals and aims.

This article will address one specific form of meditation – Cognitive Mindful Meditation. Continue reading

What is RL?

RL in virtual parlance typically means “Real Life.” Nothing surprising about that.

Thing is, we carry a persistent assumption that real life is more “real” than virtual or pretend. Here’s an experiment that calls this into question on a biochemical basis: Effects of gendered behavior on testosterone in women and men (PNAS abstract). (Randy Dotinga’s summary from full article here.)

The study appears in the Oct. 26 2015 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Van Anders et al noted: The varying differences between average male testosterone levels in men versus average levels of testosterone levels in women got me interested in whether there was some social influence on the variability.

In the new study, 41 trained actors (male and female) performed monologues in which they wielded power by firing a subordinate. On one occasion, they were told to do so in a stereotypically male way (more dominating). On another day, they were instructed to do the firing in a stereotypically feminine way (“trying to be nice,” van Anders said, “and feeling unsure about what you’re doing”).

Testosterone levels were measured before and after the performances using saliva samples.

Both kinds of strategies boosted testosterone levels in men and women — the boost in testosterone levels was more pronounced in the women. But for both sexes, performing in stereotypical male or female ways didn’t seem to matter. What did seem to matter was performing the monologues acting in a manner wielding power. Continue reading