List of possible uses for Triads

A group of folks at the “Thursday with Xxaxx” generated a list of possible uses for the Triads. Or, perhaps we could call this a list of “I hope it works for ______” list. See bottom of this blog for the full list.

Here are the top selections based on popular selection by those attending:

Top 30 Hoped For Uses of a Triad

  1. Invocation of presence
  2. Gathering parallel word skills and abilities
  3. Enhancing creative inspiration (such as for art, poetry writing, music)
  4. Blessing in general
  5. Balancing the chi in your body
  6. Welcoming intuition
  7. Strengthen the essential self
  8. Seeing people, places, or situations clearly
  9. Replacing addictive patterns
  10. Help bring higher bodies into being
  11. Enhance healing
  12. Directing energy
  13. Dehypnotize oneself
  14. Connecting with Angelic entities
  15. Cleansing a space
  16. Assisting the reading of artifacts
  17. Wisdom
  18. The “I wish I hadn’t done that” series of possible uses
  19. Stop rumination
  20. Revitalize chakras
  21. Locating portals
  22. Inspiration in art, poetry and writing
  23. Increase perseverance,
  24. Get more restful sleep
  25. Generate prosperity
  26. Enhance skills & talents,
  27. Enhance concentration focus
  28. Developing telepathy
  29. Connect with parallel and past lives
  30. Cleaning negative energy


As promised the full list

Accommodate jet lag
activating potentialities
Anchor useful states for easy recall
Articulating emotions
As a meditation aid
assist astral travel
assist remote viewing
Assisting the reading of artifacts
assisting with working the gold claim
Balancing the chi in your body
Better contact in resonance
Better focus while reading
Blessing in general
Blessing the food
Calm the mind
Charging water and food
Cleaning a relationship
Cleaning negative energy
cleansing a space of stale or negative energy
Cleansing space
Cleansing the space of stale or negative energy
Clear light readings
Connect with other beings
Connect with parallel present and past lives
Connecting with Angelic entities
Connecting with others
Cure insomnia
Deal with post partum blues
decreasing susceptibility to negative unseen influences
Define 8 points to identify a space.
Dehypnotize oneself
Detect watchers or connections
Developing telepathy
Directing energy
Energizing the reading
Enforce an abundance mindset
enhance attention for orb running
enhance black white grey discernment
enhance concentration, focus
enhance contact for orb running
enhance efficiency
Enhance flavor of food
enhance flow of orb attributes into this life frame
enhance healing
enhance lucid dreaming
Enhance properties of the ingredients
enhance resonance
enhance skills and talents
enhance telepathic contact
Enhance the soil
enhancing beacon work
enhancing creative inspiration (such as for art, poetry writing, music)
enhancing group awareness (such as for band practice or POG work)
enhancing PUP contact
entering portals
Establishing contact
Feng shui in buildings
Finding lost objects
For finding your soul mate
Gathering parallel world skills, abilities
Generate prosperity
Get energized
Get more restful sleep
Getting rid of this friggin headache
Growing healthy plants
Harnessing hate and anger
Heal the soil
Help bring higher bodies into being
Help learn a language
help relax (to enjoy the voyage)
Help while tripping in psychedelic spaces
imbuing artifacts
Improve acting skills
Improve sleeping
Improved memory
Improving and enhancing moods
increase attention
Increase decrease chi
Increase discipline
increase generosity
increase openness
increase or decrease the chi in part of the body
increase our necessity for new organs to come into being
increase perseverance
increase presence
increase scope of vision
Increase sensitivity
Increased attention while running orb
Increased contact while running orbs
Increasing motivation
increasing the fertility or chi of a garden, house, or building (Feng Shui)
Inspiration in art, poetry and writing
Invocation of presence
Literally seeing through into another dimension.
Locating portals
lowering expectations
Lowering expectations
Make a connection
Manage fear of flying
Manage the weather
More effective orb run
Neutralize negative thoughts
opening access to crystalline intelligences
Opening portals
Overcoming  a writer’s block
Pay more attention
Plant growth improvement
Prepare you to perform
Prevent disease
Prevent miscarriage
Prevent people from stealing yogurt from the teachers lounge.
Psychic self defense
Recharging or enhancing amulets
Reduce anxiety
Reduce appetite
Reduce pain
Reduce performance anxiety
Remote viewing
Removal of curses
repairing DNA
Replacing addictive patterns
Reset sleep cycle
Resolving emotions
Revitalize chakras
Scanning the body for tension.
Seal the cube of space
Searching for gold on a claim
seeing people, places, or situations clearly
seeing who’s watching me (those who are not invited here)
Sign, seal, and deliver.
Soul retrieval
Space travel
Sport performance
Stop panic attacks
Stop rumination
Strengthening the essential self
Synchronize mind/body rhythms
Testing ones own ideas for validity
The “I wish I hadn’t done that” series of possible uses.
To stop giving a fuck about unimportant things
Training for war
Trigger focus
Use the dark side of the force
Viewing artifacts
Welcoming intuition
Witness and remember dreams

Virtual Reality Training 2002

Below is an article from 2002 on the topic of Virtual Reality Training. It was tempting to update the article to reflect current games and even remove the typos. But, I figure any positive gain in grammar would be more than offset by the negative of losing the original flavor of the piece.

So here’s the problem.

When you’re in the unbridled states of the bardos you are free, totally free to be who you are, to run the race guided by nothing more than you in the highest — without change, unedited, you without the plain brown wrapper, nothing more nothing less.

You will move through the bardos unshackled by anything other than your own body of habits. That’s either the good news or the bad news depending upon the work you have or have not done. Continue reading

Why Zelda is Great — Part III

Saturday, Jan 8, 2000:

Quest is Everything, Thirst is Nothing.

Thirst is a hankering or scrambling toward some temporal goal driven by an itch more often than not localized either in the belly or some place just below the belly. Thirst is earmarked by terms such as bigger, better, faster, further, prettier, fancier, etc., etc., etc., — basically different versions of how many, how much? Continue reading

Why Zelda is Great — Part II

Tuesday, Jan 4, 2000:

“Not Handle” to “Handle”

The progression from “Not Handle” to “Handle” is such an important aspect to any game. This teaches the player first that it is possible to make the transition from “Not Handle” to “Handle”. And second it demonstrates the difference in how one can be in a space once one has learned how to “handle” a particular thing. Continue reading

Why Zelda is Great — Part I

Monday, Jan 3, 2000:

Let’s see if we can figure out part of what makes Zelda great.

Almost without exception everyone who has actually played Zelda agrees that it is a great game. And here we are of course talking about Zelda I. The others may be good, but Zelda I is great.

Let’s see if we can figure out part of what makes Zelda great.

Later let’s consider the elements of a game. For now let’s just take one element and look at it: Story Line. Continue reading

Effects of Video Games on the Dead #16

Sunday, December 12, 1999:

Recall, Recollection, Reconnection

Have you ever been in the situation where you almost remembered something? It’s right there, just on the tip of the brain. You can almost get it. But not quite.

How about when you wake in the morning from a dream? You can remember that you were dreaming but you can only almost remember the dream. Then as soon as you remember one part of the dream whole segments come streaming back in. Continue reading

Effects of Video Games on the Dead #15

Tuesday, Dec 6, 1998:

Below is the letter I wrote to accompany materials advertizing a gaming workshop. Thought you might like to see it.

Once a signal makes it past the data receptors (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, etc.) into the processing network of the body the processing network can not tell whether the incoming information is from a “virtual” or “real” input source. There is no difference. This is how the subtle brain works. The “beta” brain may know that the virtual input is not “real” and discount it. This does not stop the deep processing functions from accepting the input as real and acting accordingly. Continue reading

Effects of Video Games on the Dead #14

Friday, September 18, 1998:

“You can’t hope to answer a question until it is properly formulate.”

Doesn’t this phrase suggest a couple of other questions. For example what the heck is “formulate”? Or, more importantly what “question”?

Video games lose much of their potency for transformation when you as a player have no question you are currently working on. Continue reading

Effects of Video Games on the Dead #13

Thursday, September 17, 1998:

Well, just how silly is it to select games based on whether or not the game goals match your personal goals as a player?

A lot silly.

Unless your goals as a player are to run around the edge of a cardboard square passing by a specific square marked “GO” and collecting two bright orange pieces of paper with the number $100 printed on the front then it would be real silly to ever expect your goals will match the character goals in Monopoly. Continue reading

Effects of Video Games on the Dead #12

Wednesday, September 16, 1998:

What is the big deal about “having the double view of being both the character and the player”?

It must be a big deal. I think I used the phrase about a dozen times in the previous article.

Well, tis simple. By holding these two opposing views a reconciling element is created. This element can act as a corrosive to erode the tendency toward identification. Continue reading