Morphotony — An unexpected alarm mechanism

A few months ago I registered the domain after discovering that it had the word morphotony had zero search results in google.

How and why did I come to search for the word morphotony? Was in the process of looking up possible names for a band I play bass in. Morphotony was just one of many names we were looking into. (We finally settled on Faxl).

Any way, while looking to see if any existing bands were using the name I noticed that out of the trillions of web pages on the internet google had cataloged zero with the word morphotony. So of course I couldn’t rushing out and registering the name. Somehow the fact that no one else on the planet had any interest in the word did not deter my enthusiasm. If I ever get a psychiatrist, I guess I should bring this up in a session — or two.

Any, any way….. I now have the website and I have established a google alert to inform me of any new pages with the search term morphotony.

That means any time a page is indexed by google that contains morphotony I will be informed. Thus, I have an automatic ping back when google indexes a page. All I have to do is slip “morphotony” onto the page.

For your website, you would want to find a word that works for you.