Didgeridoo: Day 3

The low tone is working well. Running about 90% or better on getting the drone and keeping it.

About a dozen practice sessions throughout the day. Starting to experiment with shaping the sound while playing the low drone.

Also started work on the circular breathing thing. There are several good tutorials on youtube. I’m working with one from the guys in Didgeridoo Dojo. Continue reading

Didgeridoo: Day 2

Today I’m practicing in short 10-15 minute sessions spread throughout the day. So far five of them. The goal this morning was to just get a drone out of the didge. Thankfully that worked out pretty well.  Meaning, I managed to get a drone for part of the ten minutes. Don’t use a clock, that’s just about how long I can go before getting light-headed.

I suppose the getting light-headed part might be something to look into — wrong breath, wrong technique, mucho pollen, plastic bag over my head — I’m sure there is something that will need to be changed. But, later for that. Right now my only goal is to get on the drone as quickly as possible.  Continue reading