Cognitive Mindful Meditation


In a recent online workshop as part of a larger topic, E.J. Gold mentioned that there are many different types of meditation. This should not have come as a surprise. When presented with the notion, it is obviously true. Of course there are many different types of meditation. Thing is, until this invisible elephant is brought to light it is all too easy to fall into the trap of treating all meditation as the same.

Well, of course they are not.

Different meditation forms can have different methods – obvious enough.

And, different meditation forms can have different goals and results – hmmm, now this is interesting to mull over once or twice.

Contrary to what this foreword may be suggesting, this article is not about the variety of meditation types. Nor is it about different possible goals and results.

I just thought it would be useful for the reader to be notified that not all meditation is the same and that, in fact, different forms of meditation can have quite different goals and aims.

This article will address one specific form of meditation – Cognitive Mindful Meditation. Continue reading