Google Adwords — A Beginning

First a disclaimer: I have just started working with Google Adwords. It’s been about a week. This blog is my way of:

  • organizing my thoughts on how it works,
  • highlighting areas I need to dig into deep,
  • expose my understanding so that it can be corrected.

I have some good friends that are mentoring me through this process. So this blog is like a quiz. Continue reading

Forget About SEO

Well, maybe “Forget About SEO” is a little inflammatory. Perhaps a more accurate way to phrase this would be: “refocus your attention on content and user experience.”

There are many websites and SEO gurus that have much to say about keyword density, header balance, and dozens of other SEO gimmicks and tricks. Are these really just gimmicks and tricks? Or, are they sound advice? That all depends upon you the reader. If you are looking for a magic wand that will transform your website with a flick of the wrist, then they are gimmicks and tricks. However, if you have laid a firm foundation of solid content and optimized user experience, then the gimmicks and tricks are transformed into sound advice. Continue reading

Helping A Friend With Their SEO

Today I received an email from a friend asking my advice about a comment posted on her website. The comment was from an individual giving her advice on what she was doing wrong with the SEO on her page. AND, advertising his or her services at the same time. Below is my response.

First and foremost (please take to heart what I am saying) you are already doing something right. With zero concern about SEO you are doing well in organic searches. You seem to have a knack for doing something right. We don’t know what precisely. But, you can see the results in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

So, in my opinion, you could safely disregard SEO advice. However, if you want to improve your page content generation, I would recommend the following: Continue reading

Why I Don’t Trust Link Popularity

First of all it does not matter that I do not trust link popularity. I’m just whining in the wind on the off chance that someone from google will happen by and bother to read my blog.

Link popularity is measured by the number of links that point to a website. Some misguided folks have confused the number of links that point to a website with its popularity. There is much more to the story. Continue reading

Keywords in Anchor Text

Before we can talk about Keywords in Anchor Text we need to define what in the heck this Anchor Text is.

Anchor text is also known as: link text, link title, or that stuff in between the <a href=””> thing and the </a> thing.

Here is an example: <a href=””>Galaxy Website Design</a> Continue reading

Back To Basics

In case you are wondering, I am not an expert in SEO. I am willing to share what I do know, and, I’m willing to learn. I think SEO can be a great and wonderful thing. However, I advise my clients to forget about it.

I advise my clients to concentrate on WSO (website optimization) and marketing. But isn’t SEO mostly website optimization and marketing? Yes. But, it is a slightly obfuscated version. So lets get back to basics and and address the issues in their fundamental state.

I’m convinced that by dividing the tasks into WSO and marketing it will help to concentrate and focus our efforts. Continue reading

Just Say No To SEO

Admittedly a slightly inflammatory title for an article about SEO. The lesson that I hope you can take away from this blog is that it is a mistake to concentrate on SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)  You will be much better served by concentrating on WSO (WebSite Optimization).

To concentrate on WSO (website optimization) requires first that you divide SEO into two distinct and separate areas of endeavor — 1) website development, and 2) website marketing.

All of the discussion around SEO have confused these two. The topics of website development and marketing of one’s website have been mushed together. This has served (either deliberately or accidentally) to confuse the issues of web development and marketing. This has made it possible for certain service companies to create a niche for themselves that allows them to provide a service that is inherently difficult to measure.

Let’s get back to basics. Let’s have those folks that know the products and services represented by the website spearhead the development — with expert technical help where and when necessary. And, let’s have those folks that know marketing spearhead the marketing of the website. If you happen to be running a one man (or one woman) operation, then get yourself two hats and get down to business wearing only one hat at time.

In my next blog, let’s start assigning SEO tasks to each of these hats.

Morphotony — An unexpected alarm mechanism

A few months ago I registered the domain after discovering that it had the word morphotony had zero search results in google.

How and why did I come to search for the word morphotony? Was in the process of looking up possible names for a band I play bass in. Morphotony was just one of many names we were looking into. (We finally settled on Faxl).

Any way, while looking to see if any existing bands were using the name I noticed that out of the trillions of web pages on the internet google had cataloged zero with the word morphotony. So of course I couldn’t rushing out and registering the name. Somehow the fact that no one else on the planet had any interest in the word did not deter my enthusiasm. If I ever get a psychiatrist, I guess I should bring this up in a session — or two.

Any, any way….. I now have the website and I have established a google alert to inform me of any new pages with the search term morphotony.

That means any time a page is indexed by google that contains morphotony I will be informed. Thus, I have an automatic ping back when google indexes a page. All I have to do is slip “morphotony” onto the page.

For your website, you would want to find a word that works for you.

Remind me again, why do I care about SEO?

If SEO is not going to guarantee my page is on the front page of google search results why am I going through all this work?

Reason #1) All of the suggestions for improving your page ranking through SEO make your website more efficient, easier to navigate, cleaner, meaner, and a better experience for your readers. That’s a good thing in my book. Continue reading