The Three Principles

plural noun: principles
def: a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

Here’s the deal. For reasons that will be discussed later, I find it impossible to take any system of belief at face value. When I say “system of belief” I am including religions of all variety, metaphysical teachings, science and every other encapsulation of what and why.

This is not a statement of disbelief. This is a declaration of affinity for the “scientific method.” In the spirit of full disclosure let me make it clear that when I say scientific method I am referring to the one I learned in seventh grade science class. Apparently precious few individuals believe in that particular version of the scientific method. In the version I learned one is supposed to be open to all possibilities and collect data without prejudice or bias. But, that’s a story for another day.

The point here is: just because some book “tells me so” is not enough. Nor does reputation or authority coerce me into party line belief. Not saying I require proof before accepting anything. Just confessing that I carry plenty of salt and apply liberally. But, that’s also a story for another day.

The title of this piece is “The Three Principles.” So let me introduce the three fundamental principles which I have taken as true. I take these as true without requiring exhaustive proof. Rather I set these statements as true then watch the effects of their truthfulness.

The mnemonic for these three principles is: Death’s Head Coin, Augmented Reality, You Are Not Alone.

1. Death’s Head Coin

This reminds me of a Franklin half-dollar piece I carry which has been carved into a skull. This symbolized the dual reality of our corporeal existence alongside our essential self.

  • The eternal and the transient.
  • The objective and the relative.
  • The spiritual and the mundane.

Note: the connector used above is “and” not “or”.

And for those that choose to be picky on these issues it might be more correct to say: the as-if spiritual and the as-if mundane. Or, that which has the functional aspect of spiritual and that which has the functional aspect of mundane.

2. Augmented Reality

This mnemonic reminds me that while I fully hold to the existence of a real world, I am equally certain that nature of the human biological machine prevents us from directly experiencing this reality in a raw unadulterated state. In other words, when traveling in a human meat suit, I’m walking about in a very real world, however, my experience is illusory.

3. You Are Not Alone

In Latin this could be something like: “Et Unum Pluribus” or “ex uno plures”. In other words, forget about your solipsism, there are others. You are not the only clown at this rodeo.

Author’s Note

I’m well aware the above material is a bit sparse leaving one with the reaction of huh?

This particular blog is an initial statement of The Three Principles. Very little in the way of exposition so far. That will come soon. The blogs on this topic are fundamentally sculptural. There is a stone before me, and I’m endeavoring to remove the material that doesn’t belong in the final piece. Going through the process in stages may expose the process. It really isn’t about the conclusions, it’s about the process. If you choose to screw around with — er… I mean experimentally investigate — your reality that’s on you.

In the next blog I’ll explain a bit about how and in what way I find these principles useful.