How to Navigate The Information Age

Below you’ll find a list of steps. These are a preview of methods employed in our NotBot Zombiefication Avoidance Program.

Step 0: Abandon Clearly-Defined Long-Term Goals

Because we are currently stuffed in a human-shaped meat suit, we don’t have the equipment needed to access clearly defined Spiritual goals. If, however, you manage to transcend the limitations of the human meat suit, then it is quite possible to access your long-term goals. But, until that time you would do better to work with fuzzy-defined long-term goals.

Lifetime goals by their nature are not long-term. How long do you suppose the length of the average incarnation is? Given current events, incoming asteroids, and the move to obliterate health care it is any bodies guess. But, you can bet it will not be more than a hundred years. And that is definitely not long-term.

As a being  you have been, and will continue to be around for trillions of years. So I suggest dropping any human-based clearly-defined long-term goals as illusory. And opt for a fuzzy (perhaps on the vague side) truly long-term spiritual goal.

Step 1: Create a Habit of Working With Clearly-Defined Intentions

A clearly-defined intention is a tool — a very powerful tool. In the current environment you need very powerful tools just to get by.

Each of us is individually and collectively the target of a very advanced deliberate persuasion arms race. Corporations, politicians, retailers, self-help gurus, twitter influencers, celebrities, pretty much every one and every thing on this planet is doing its level best to influence, persuade, and control you. If you are not already painfully aware of this picking, and prodding, and poking, and tugging, and grabbing, then not to worry — you’ve accidentally stumbled upon this blog. It’s not for you.

When I say “you are the target”, one could be take that as “you” in the plural sense. That is not my intention. Once upon a time marketers directed their efforts toward an average demographic — a generalized cross-section of people meeting certain criteria.

However, with the advent of AI (artificial intelligence) this is all changing. Now it is possible for “you” (yes, you the individual) to be tracked, analyzed, and targeted specifically by a brave new world of persuasion tools drive by AI.

Lucky for us, it turns out that working with a clearly-defined intention is a great shield against much of this persuasion onslaught. 

And, even better news, it doesn’t seem to matter much what the intention is. As long as you clearly define the intention and stick to it. If you thought that the mojo came from using special intentions, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out there is not a short list of power intentions that you have to adopt. It is not a question of what you do rather how you do it.

The point is to have a clearly-defined intention.

Here’s a few examples of what a clearly-defined intention might look like when using Facebook (This is obviously a very short list of the many possibilities. But, it should serve as an example):

  • Find 10 examples of “click-bait” link headers.
  • Look for incoming messages and either ignore or reply.
  • Check up on how my friends are doing.
  • Review and accept or ignore pending friend requests.
  • Look for reading suggestions and inspiration.

Why should you bother developing the habit of working with clearly-defined intentions? If  you open Facebook and just “go with the flow”  you will get owned — or powned as they say in gaming. Even an intention as simplistic as the examples above are defined well enough to help protect you from  the click-bait and persuasion tactics of alien domination.

How does this work? Do the training and you’ll find out.

Step 2) Deliberately Practice

It would be totally sweet if we could just decide to work with intention and it would happen. That is not how life works. The way life works in the information age is to provide circumstances which will bring you into subjugation. Even when relaxing there are influencers vying for control of how you relax. This is not how it should be. This just happens to be how it is. 

Words, images, and sounds are incessantly thrust at you. Each of these is designed to influence, convert, persuade, and control you for the purposes of entities large and small.

Win back your attention, win back your life. It is very possible. But, this is something that takes deliberate, measured practice.

In the training program, we will start with easy situations — working with intentions that are easy to follow, and easy to measure your progress.

“But, wait, how do I practice?” Yes, I can hear the question. I know some of you are ready to dig in and give this a workout. This blog is not the place to give those instructions. That comes later. That is all covered in the NotBot Introductory Training.

A professional training environment is the way to go for something as important as counter-zombie training. It is absolutely necessary to go the extra mile and make sure this information is getting out and being received without loss or tweak.

Step 3) Work In Coached Sessions

There is no substitute for periodic coached sessions. In a coached session a guide works one on one with you as you go through drills. 

For the moment take our word for this. During the training you will get the personal experience personally experienced necessary for you to judge the value of the coached sessions for yourself. 

Step 4) Mentor and Be Mentored

It is absolutely necessary that every individual in this training program be a mentor to some others, in addition to being mentored themselves. Give and get. Help and be helped.

Step 5: Fly Solo

It’s important to maintain solo practice time that allows for experimentation and repetition.

Step 6: Back To The Basics

Periodically one must take this practice full circle and revisit the fundamentals. Review. What was the plan. How is it going. Are there any modifications to my process that I should have made. Are there modifications to the process that I made which I should not have?

The first time you encountered “the basics” everything was new and slightly overwhelming. When you revisit the fundamentals (after putting time and effort into practice) everything will be crisper and more sparkly. :)

Step 7: Daily Practice

“A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.”
-Anthony Trollope

Step 8: Have Fun

To persist in practice it is necessary to have fun.

But, if your notion of fun is human based, then your notion of fun will require some rehabilitation. Much of what passes for fun in contemporary culture is actually better defined as methods to become numb.